I Think I Can

Story Behind The Song

My folk music friends, Jim & Melanie Robertson of Sebring, FL were my hosts during one of my tours. We were jamming one night at their house and I told them I'd like to come to their train songs jam at the Florida Folk Festival, but I didn't have a train song in my repertoire. Jim said, "Write one!" I said, "I Think I Can" and that is how this song was born.

Song Description

Highly motivational, interactive song uses call and response to get kids revved up to do their best and work hard. Promotes self-control, reading, teamwork, caring, friendship and perseverance. With train songs and whistles, this song is sure to be a favorite with kids, adults and the elementary school crowd. Inspired by the children's book, The Little Engine that Could, by Watty Piper.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Unique - Children, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood In High Spirits, Welcoming Subject Determination, Trains
Similar Artists Raffi, Laurie Berkner Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Think I Can
CHORUS: I think I can (I think I can)
I know I will (I know I will)
I think I can (I think I can)
I'll try until (I'll try until)
Success is mine (Success is mine)
I'll never stop! (I'll never stop!)
This train will reach the top! (train whistle)
This train will never stop!
I think I can!

E is for my engine. It's time to rev up and go!
F is for the fuel, the kind I need to grow!
P is for the power, the power known to man
I's for individual. That's me and I think I can! SING CHORUS

H is for the steep, steep hill, the one I've got to climb.
D: I am determined to do my best this time!
E is for the Engineer that guides me down the track.
C is for my trusty crew, and I'm glad they've got my back. SING CHORUS

BRIDGE: I will not be derailed!
I'll focus on my goal.
I'll chug chug chug along
And I'll practice self-control!

P is for my passengers, the ones I call my friends
B is for the books on board; the reading never ends!
C is for my red caboose; he always makes me smile!
S is for the song we sing mile after mile after mile! SING CHORUS

Another fine one from you Ma'am! Never get tired of your stuff!

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter

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