Song Description

An instrumental that makes you want to want to open the patio doors in the summer and eat chocolate and read a book whilst having your feet massaged...

Song Length 3:30 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Peaceful
Subject Sensation

I liked the intro guitar but it didn't go like I thought it would

Really nice sounds. That smooth lead guitar that comes in later is amazing. All of the instruments work great together, and the mix is spot-on. Thoughtful ending. Very enjoyable to listen to.

Very nice soundtrack, mellow easy listening, I am sure it would have an appropriateness for film, though I am not an expert in that area. I really dig your guitar playing; my other favorite instrument was the bongo/hand percussion. Very cool groove. Nice ending with the harmonic! Keep up the good work.

Nice mellow vibe and good musicianship. It all comes together well.

Nice feel, solid arrangement, and it gathers momentum for me. I especially love the tag. You might consider making this its own cue. Very promising.

Nice sounding guitar tracks. I like the easy going atmosphere created by the strings and the percussion. I like the reverb of the instrument towards the end. Nice job!

I'm loving the guitar in this track!

Wow, great stereo spread, relaxing and thought provoking track. Guitar was extraordinary and NOT overused. Original, something that is hard to comment on in this day. Great work!

Very relaxing. Nice build. Perfect for travel scene in a movie or maybe a moving scene- going to another place, leaving, etc..
I'm zoning/chilling/relaxing totally. Thanks! Very good use of breaks now and then, changing up. Nice ending, too.

Nice feel to it with good sounding guitar,sounds like something you'd hear on the weather channel,but that is not a put down.

I really like this music. Quite relaxing, smooth. Reminds me of a cool evening,sunset. Mmmm - it's romantic too. Nice.

Very Beautiful relaxing melody...soothing...special treat! Thank you! :)

Nice mellow feel to the track. Good use of the percusion....the bongos were nice, but it's all the little things that made it truly stand out...the shakers and triangle, ect. Cool little guitar solo in there too. Like the bends and fades on it. Nice change up for the ending section too. Made it stand out. All around great track.

Very pretty, I like this tune, nicely done. Smooth Jazz

Great song.Beautiful instrumentation and nice mix.Really well done.Very relaxing!

Music Matt Brimilcombe Performance Matt Brimilcombe
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