Song Description

Evokes a mood of thoughtful plotting. A minor key mystery!

Song Length 2:34 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Troubled, Uptight
Subject Loneliness

Wow! Very well put together. I love the way it builds. Are those real strings? They sound fabulous. Beautiful guitar too, very clean. Some people might complain about the fret noise but in this case it's very understated and I think adds instead of detracts.

One of the all-time best pieces I've heard at Broadjam ever.

You're obviously very talented; best of luck to you.

wonderful guitar sound!

Peaceful and pensive at the same time.

Beautiful piece. I love the arrangement.

nice soothing arrangement

Like the somber guitar opening. As the guitar moved forward I really enjoyed the scale you used here.

Beautiful. Evokes emotion. Calming. Endless possibilities for use.

im watchin a drama series or opening closing credits of a movie,great song,nice build up,great job.

Liked it a lot....bit of a Mark Knopfler feel with the acoustic guitar work and I loved how the strings came in as counterpoint. Nice use of elec piano as well. Piece has a simplicity which really conjures up a mood I could imagine in a film.

Beautiful! This is relaxing. Nice tempo change. very nice work
Lots of feeling

Music Matt Brimilcombe
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