If I Could See

Story Behind The Song

A lost opportunity that I thought was in the bag!

Song Description

Male vocal over acoustic guitar tells of a partner that has left without warning. The song is melodic with a pop-rock feel.

Song Length 4:21 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy Subject Breaking Up, Hope
Similar Artists James Blunt Language English
Era 2000 and later


I thought this was the one
I thought my day had come
your text said 'Call me now'
an my heart raced
it still could be

Though I'd said I didn't care
inside I couldn't bear
the thought of losing now
and that's what I faced
Cos it still could be

If I could see it wasn't meant to be
maybe in time I'll be back for me
If I can see it wasn't meant to be

I still know every word
like it had just been heard
you tried to ease the blow
guess I should thank you
but what else could you do

You said it could be worse
but my life's in reverse
the truth is very clear
I wonder when you knew
what you were gonna do

If I could see it wasn't meant to be
maybe in time I'll be back for me
If I can see it wasn't meant to be

One day I'll wake and it'll be alright
just hope I make it throught the night

Back at the journey's start
I know with all my heart
I'll be back again
a different place and time
And it'll all be fine

If I could see it wasn't meant to be
maybe in time I'll be back for me
If I can see it wasn't meant to be

Cool tune, I'm still trying to figure out if the vocal tuning was intentional, or overdone. Cool vibe, though...I really, really enjoyed the hook.

Nice melody,I like the guitar line.

Nice intro guitar sound and playing. Voice is pretty good. Harmony vocals make the arrangement fly. It's obvious you have taken great effort in nailing the arrangement with tasty use of instruments, sounds and vocals. NIce job

Great subject, lyrics, and arrangement

A very relaxing listen. I found myself really leaning back and enjoying the song. The light ethereal instruments behind the falsetto vocals was a great touch.

A girl LOVES falsetto! Melt melt!!!!!!

Great potential for movie soundtrack in a Romantic Comedy or Romantic Drama. Incredible vocal range and timbre.

nice song,a hint of coldplay...but overall like it.

Your voice can hit the highs And lows very well. Song builds nicely, then slows correctly. Nice bridge. nice harmonies. Overall good job!

Lyrics Matt Brimilcombe Music Matt Brimilcombe
Producer Matt Brimilcombe Performance Matt Brimilcombe
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