Straight out of Niagara Falls, NY. I have been writing music for as long as my little fingers could reach the keys. You dig my tunes? I'll owe you a beer.

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I'm still writing and recording. Awaiting a better program that will boost my vst sounds.


Nina Brainard

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I am a young composer continuing my education in composition. I currently write for films, games and musicals.


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SL Guthre
over 30 days ago to Nina

Hey Nina, We connected a long time ago. I wanted to do some songwriting collaboration with you. I have been in the emotional state of retirement for a couple of years. Things finally came to a head and I retired. I'm doing things on the Protools artist community and I thought I'd look up some Broadjamians. It's great to hear all the emotion that you convey in your works. If you'd like to try doing something together let me know.

Darius Ghanat
over 30 days ago to Nina

"From the "Rain" is awesome! Congrats on the Top 10, well-deserved! I'll take a rain check on the beer! ;)

Slava Fiks
over 30 days ago to Nina

Hi , Nina.
my favorites are inventive "Bumble Bee", eclectic "Mister Darcy Jazz", and funny "Girl Be Gone".
So far.

Listen to you later,

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