Kitschy Kitschy Kool Coreys

Story Behind The Song

We saw the Mary Lambert video, and thought of her as being a tad Kitschy! So we set out to write a song for her, hopefully when we submit the tune, she will consider the song. I think it could work for her....our song is bit off the wall and she appears to like interesting music!! Love her music, love her style....she is really cute and a tad bit Kitschy!

Song Description

Same as it ever was!!! Song about a very unusual lady with her very own style!! Wowza...........

Song Length 2:57 Genre Blues - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Enchanting Subject Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Not sure?? Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Kitschy, Kitschy Kool" Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2015 (c)


1st Verse
She's a little bit Kitschy, she's a whole lot strange
You better believe, she ain't gonna change
Not for you and never for me
She's one free spirit, better like what you see!

She's a Kitschy, Kitschy Lady Oooooo
A Kitschy, Kitschy Woman She's Kool, Kool, Kool

2nd Verse
Her clothes are flee Market, and Vintage Stores
She plays Sinatra, but loves the Doors
Her face may never launch a thousand ships
Boy watch out, when she moves her hips!

Kitschy, Kitschy Lady,
Kitschy, Kitschy Kool
She's never gonna change a hair for you!
Kitschy, Kitschy Woman
Kitschy, Kitschy Kool
Kitschy, Kitschy Lady gonna grab a hold of you
Grab a hold of you............

Yeah, she's Kitschy, Kitschy Kool

3rd Verse
Now, she'll drive you crazy with her quirky charm
She sure looks good, when she's hangin' on your arm
She'll fix your carburetor, she can clean your clock
Put her on the dance floor, and she can rock

Chorus Repeat.................

She's never gonna change...........

I love it. My sort of jazzy blues.

Very interesting song, beautiful voice, lasciviously performed.
Instruments seem as if produced by a synthesizer. This need not be a fault: very well orchestrated and arranged.

Nice intro and balance of voice and background

Very nice. Earthy yet smooth. Absolutely modern yet with firm blues roots. Vocalist is super. Lyrics are exemplary, paint a great picture/portrait. Instrumentation perfectly adapted to/in the service of the vocal. Excepting the sax, me thinks all electronic, but no way overbearing or misplaced at any point. it's perfect. I like the pan spread, great production.

I already reviewed this song. Thanks! Good job!

cool groove - really nice production - like the repeating sax notes - vocals are right there all fitting in the style and substance of the groove.

lyrics are fun and funky.

subtle but effective use of the synth - tune has lots of space and lots of air - umm umm good

A song with some attitude and mood!

VERY cool track with great lyrics and a great vocal delivery. Tremdous Sax. Nice and moody totally enjoyable. Vocal and Sax combine really well with nice understated keyboard and bass.
Loved it.

Very interesting and well-balanced. The lyrics may not be for everyone but they fit the song. Well recorded with great saxaphone and electric piano accents. Sets a nice backdrop and ambiance.

very sexy/hot sounding like I know your wanting it to be

Great vibe. Nice song.

I learned a new word, kitschy! Love the lyrics, original and very cool! Nicely arranged.

sax work is very cool...breathy, airy atmospheric...
i dig the piano movement and chording...
the under vocals are interesting...
the bass riff is also cool and hypnotic...

Very cool blues. Reminiscent of the kind of hip beatnik blues of Ricki Lee Jones, Tom Waits, Mose Allison. Terrific vocal, both tone and phrasing. Strong instrumentation, especially the bass, and the saxophone improvising over the beat. The kind of beat that makes you want to snap your fingers and order another whiskey on the rocks in a dark nightclub with a small stage and a single spotlight focused on a singer backed by a quartet playing in the shadows. The arrangement nicely fits the feel of the sound, and the quality of the recording as heard in the headphones is excellent.

This has a nice eerie ambiance with instrumentation that fits very well. I particularly liked the sax.

Cool track. Fun listen. Quite unique. Lots of cool sounds.

Nice intro. This is a very original sound and that's a necessary element to have. Great background vocals. This has a mystical, haunting quality that is very unique. I could listen to this again and again. Great work.

This is one of the most uniquely original songs I've heard on Broadjam in a long time. It's absolutely....mesmerizing. The lyrics are the images: thrift store and vintage clothing...Sinatra and the Doors. Launch ships/Hips. Carburetor...clean your clock/rock. There's just some amazing writing going on here. Your word pictures are PHENOMENAL. Can't say enough about the freshness of your lyrics. Lead Vocal is spooky and fun. Horn player totally rocks. Female background vocals are ethereal. I hope this song meets with great success. It's a winner all the way around.

Interesting for sure, but can't quite pin point the genre. Very welcoming, sociable, and the volume is light and easy. Not bad.

Saxophone very saultry. Sexy mystery movie scene... I can imagine this for sure. Recording is nicely done. I like the added extras of vocals here and there in the background. Definite potential here. Nicely done!

Reminds me a bit of Zappa, great tune. Production and sound is excellent. Great vocals!

when u first press play .. draws ure attention immediately... but u just want those drums to hit in... otherwise excellent track and maybe get what you wanna do with it...

nice background assortment, good chick voice, kudos to engineer, would like to hear front vocs a smidge more its such a good voice.

Lyrics Margie Corey & A. Corey Music A. Corey
Producer A. Corey & Lackey on the H-delay App Wowza!!! Performance A. Corey, Alexandra Coleman, J. Peterson ,Dave Haddad

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