Simple Life

Song Description

It's a story about the world's chaos dipped in the lingering hope of optimism--that we can be more than we are and rise above the need to oppress each other demonstrating a common state of mind rooted in loved.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled, In High Spirits Subject Change, Sanity/Insanity
Language English Era 2000 and later


Man it's crazy, It's so crazy out there
I watch the evening news. there's so much despair
They tell of danger so I've got to beware
They say it's brutalizing

Somebody tell who the hell is in charge?
Nobody seems to be. It's a free for all.
And I'm amazed that we'd take it this far
Turn around. Now the children have the guns.

Call me an optimist
I'm sure there's something we can do
to make some sense of the choice that we've made to lose

If anything should happen to you
I would fall to pieces I can not lie
Keeping me sane through all the world iniquities
Running 'round in circles and sure to die

Give me the simple life
Room for us all
Give me a simpler life
I believe we can change the world

Give me the simple life
Choose, for it's made for you
Yes, a simpler life
I believe we can start a new

Call me an optimist
I'm sure there's something we can do
to make some sense of the choice that we've made to lose

Give me the simple life
Man it's crazy out there
Tell of danger we've got to beware
Simple Life I believe we can change the world


Simple life
Running in Circles
Give me a simpler life

This track is nothing short of amazing. The artist comes across as childlike, then agonizing. What a great contrast...musically and thematically this song hits a bullseye. Emotionally grabbing! She takes the angst and desires within us all and packs them into 3 1/2 powerful minutes. I absolutely love the instrumentation! "Man it's crazy out there" great lyric and so true. This is an artist who is thinking outside "the box" and I love that!

lots of goodness going on here - structure of the song is nice, instrumentation works well.

Effective use of the harmony vocal - knowing when to place it for effect.

vocal parts are strong throughout and the answer back vocal on the 2nd chorus is very nice as well.

Good hook and nice lyrics - I often feel the same!!!

I got a real Poe vibe from this track!

Vocal at the start reminds me of Kate Bush. This is a very nice song that has a mysterious vibe running through it. good arrangement and solid vocals make for an nice finished product.

I should really like to read the lyrics as they seem quite intriguing. I like the arrangements of the song. It sounds like the Cardigans meets Siouxsie and the Banshees, which is interesting. The female voice is good and I like the swirling, siren-like backing vocals somewhere towards the end of the song. I like the way that the song format is not formulaic and has an interesting structure. thanks for an interesting song!

love this song! Sounds a little crazy in a good way.

Lyrics Kathyjo Varco Music Kathyjo Varco
Producer Kathyjo Varco Publisher BSM Publishing
Performance Kathyjo Varco
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