Story Behind The Song

Thought of some very romantic time I spent in Manila... with a lovely young lady... that I still think of to this day... and how the magic of the rain and of her touched me... also love the mystical image of a butterfly in Hawaii flaps its wings and cause

Song Description

Girl on the Beach Walking Daydreaming Boy on the Beach unsuspecting his life would change that day Both on the beach... she always wondering about things he... never wonders but both get caught up in something that might be a wonder

Song Length 6:07 Genre Jazz - General, Latin - Tropical
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Enchanting Subject Philosophy, Miracles
Language English Era 2000 and later


�©2007 Joseph Miller

So lazily she strolls along the sea
Her eyes are filled with night scented fantasies
Where stars reveal that lover of her dreams
And she Wonders
How will she know him
What is the taste of his name
Oh how she WONDERS

Young fisher boy is baiting up his lure
Never thought to take the time to be unsure
If the universe is running as it should
And Is the milky way
Runnin on sunshine
Or just spinnins in somebody's mind
He never WONDERS

They turn to watch a yellow butterfly
Who winks at them but won't stop to tell them why
He took the time to change their destiny
Or the riddle of
WONDERS they're too blind to see

Very nice laid back moody track. Liked the unusual choice of instruments. Lovely pad chord beneath the verse.
The mood reminded me of a great track by Ephraim Lewis called It Can't Be Forever. Check it out on youtube.

Lyrics Joseph Miller Music Joseph Miller
Producer Joseph Miller Publisher Joseph Miller
Performance Joseph Miller Label Joseph Miller
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