Badonka Donk Lady

Story Behind The Song

Met Mzbel... the Artist from Ghana... in Chicago this Summer ... she gave me her CD ... it had some great tunes and a couple of instrumentals on it. I put words and a melody to Me Pe... and this is the Work in Progress....

Song Description

Beautiful Lady, is a Badonka Donk Lady and is going to be trouble

Song Length 5:36 Genre World - African, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Jovial, Troubled Subject Addiction, Frustration
Language Other Era 2000 and later


Ba-donka-donk Lady
World - African - #3

These are dummy lyrics... work in progress....
From a Track by the Artist MZBEL GHANA who I met briefly in Chicago. She gave me a CD that had this tune on it as an instrumental... I added the vocals and some dummy lyrics...


Get up just to watch that girl
She brought home the whole damned world
Every man I see outside he's waitin' there
For me to go

Get up for another day
Go off for to make my pay
You know with Ba-donka-girl
You pay and pay and pay and pay

Lady Hey Hey
Lady Hey Hey
You know with Ba-donka-girl
You Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay

Lady Si Bon
Want for my own
You want that Ba-donka-girl
You Pay and Pay and Pay Hey Hey

Someone knockin' at the door
He act like he check the meter
Now he's just standin there
Killin time for me to go

She act like she don't know nothin'
Bout him knockin at my door
She said aren't you late for work
I think its time that you should go

Yo the young gun come
Well I'm the man watchin out the door
You come for 'dat funky ho!
Git it on dog pull out your piece
Cause I ain't got time to jawbone
You act like yo gangsta blak
Yo mo lak a gangsta pussy
Got a mouth lak a two dolla ho
But yo still ain got da pussy


Rap: 2nd Section
I got the girl
She got the junk
Everybody want da ba donka donk
Git a booty with ba-donka donk and
You can't go back to no donk
Cut it up I don't give a fuck
She'll blow ya for 50 bucks
She'll wipe it off without a hanky
It may sound funny but her breath is stanky

If you got donka donk
Give up everything you got
You may have to be a rap star to
Keep up with that sweet donka donk
You won't know the time of day
Cause you got a second job
Keepin up Donka donk will have you
Pimpin' them ho's daily

Rap: 3rd Section
Coulda had another normal romance
But none of the rest had the bump bump sha bump
My girl got the ba-donka-donka
She got the tight pussy too
I tried to give up the girl
I walked away but my dick stays with her

Put it in and I blow my wad
Keep comin' and OH GOD
Good Poon a Poon a Pooon a Poooon!!!
Cum ba donka da
Could you put it in Pow pow
What up another tu pe ta
What could you do me da
Can you do what da big dog do?
Cause the big dog do what the big dog wanta

Can you bounce her on your dick?
Spin her round til she can't come no more?
That's good you tap it good
Now git up dog cause you got to work


Rap: 4th Section
Ba Donka Girl git you so dam hot
You wanna give up everything you got
I threw out on a diamond ring
She said it sure is pretty but here's the thing
See I got ba-donka donka
Dem mens they all wan to tap it all
So git back in a long long line
Cause your moneys all gone

Chorus & Out

It's all in then groove!!

Lyrics Joseph Miller Music Nana Ekua Amoah, Mzbel, Miller
Producer Nana Ekua Amoah, Mzbel, Miller Performance Nana Ekua Amoah, Mzbel, Miller
Label Ondbox Network Ltd.
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