MAD ( Katrina)

Story Behind The Song

Some of my Thoughts on the tragedy in New Orleans

Song Description

Anger over the way our government handled the Katrina disaster in New Orleans

Song Length 2:20 Genre Spoken Word - Experimental, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Disturbed Subject Protest, Lies
Language English Era 2000 and later


I?m Mad as Hell
©2007 Joseph Miller
Call the Doctor Call the judge
Somebody done filled my pockets full of sludge
I Called the Prez? I called Condoleeze?
?Goddam? answer machine says
leave your message please?

No helicopters, no National Guard
Usama would be safe and sound
Holed up in my back yard
If I had a hammer
If I had a nail
If I tried to build it back myself
They?d throw my ass in jail

Lets call the Goven?r
She?ll jump in too
But don?t you go and get no mud
On her new Gucci Shoes
Lets call the police
They?ve got a plan
Watch ?em kick the crap out of an innocent man

This ain?t the American dream
Ain?t what I planned
I can build it back myself
If you give me a goddam hand

Well I?m mad as hell
Can?t take this any more
I?d take my shit and go back home
But home ain?t there no more
Well I?m mad as hell
Can?t take this any more
Just wait your turn my brother
Mother Nature?s got some more
Well I?m Mad
Well I?m Mad
Well I?m Mad

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