How Long (until this heartache will end?)

Story Behind The Song

Pretty much a classic unrequited love story... wrote this one rainy night in LA.. on an old 4 track and then lost the master... this is what is on the cassette dub... some day I'll redo this one but wanted to put it on here because it still gets me ... af

Song Description

A Break up and he wonders how long til he will want to breathe again

Song Length 7:05 Genre Pop - Standards, R & B - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Breaking Up, Lost Love
Similar Artists Boyz II Men, 'N Sync Language English
Era 2000 and later


How Long (?before this Heartache will end)?
©Joseph Miller

We talked again today
Well at least we tried
Nothin? seemed to come out right
So I just broke right down and lied
Well I said I?m doin? fine without you girl
And its fine (for us) to be just friends
But what I really meant to say to you
How Long
(?before this Heartache ends)?
I wonder How Long (?before this Heartache will end)?
I wonder How Long (?until this broken heart will mend)?
Please tell me How Long ?til I find the way
That I?ll want to breath again
How Long?

We tried the neutral topics
The weather work and news
Even got as far as that new perfume you use
Then nothin? seemed to matter any more
As it came to me its really really true
I?ll never find a way to forget
That I?m so in love so much in love with you

Baby you know I wanna do whats right for you
Really I do
But tell me how will I get over losing you
When its you that I?m livin? for
When a love like ours is over
Do the birds forget they can sing?
And does that lucky old sun
Forget to shine through the darkest rain


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