Hey Little Girl

Story Behind The Song

AS a result of a daily divorce a young 13 year old friend became depressed and used to go to school, meet her friends and wanted to stay in bed all day. I first wrote this as a poem to her and people remarked it was really good. so I am trying to turn it into a song for all young people who are suffering.

Song Description

kI met another older woman last Sunday and sang the song to her and she wants a copy. People need all kinds of music to meet their feelings at any particular time. This song tries to help them see behind their depression god knows we all need cheeri

Song Length 3:56 Genre Classical - General, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable Subject Sadness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Hey Little girl take my advice
Don't keep on moping for the rest of your life
There's a beautiful world and its waiting for you
Just step outsife, you'll find that it's true

There are birds in the trees that are singing a song
If you join in the chorus they'll help you along
There are flowers in the garden that's not very far
And they want hyou to tell them how lovely they are

Hey Little Girl take my advice..........

The wonderful sunshine that brightens the day
The chatter of children so happy at play
And someone is singing now who can that be
Such beautiful music can set your heart free

Hey Little girl take my advice...............

And maybe there's memories you'd rather not share
That won't be a problem to people who care
They just want to cheer you to hug and embrace
So look at the world with a smile on your face

Hey Little Girl take my advice.........

Just look at the rainbow with colours so bright
The millions of stars as they shine in the night
Just open your eyes to what nature can do
And people will tell you there is beauty in you.

Hey Little Girl take my advice..........

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