Story Behind The Song

This is just me thinking about my beloved Glasgow and how I grew up in relative poverty compared to the luxuries of today. It isa city still with a heart.

Song Length 8:19 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - General
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Subject Pride
Language English Era 2000 and later


The lassies pushed their peevers and the laddies kicked a ba'
Then in and out the skipping ropes that others hid tae caw
We'd skim the dykes, we'd ride our bikes, we'd kick a can band run
We didn't hae computers but we had a lot of fun

IN Glesga' Glesga' on the river Clyde
Where I spent my childhood days in poverty and pride
Glesga' Glesga' where my heart was free
And though the years have changed ye so ye still belang tae me

Ma loe was Pat McGregor and she used tae take my hand
And lead ma willing footsteps tae a far and distant land
Oor Mammies called the police for they thought us far too wee
Tae walk alone in Kelvingrove when we were only three

We had those backcourt concerts and they used tae make me sing
We clapped at May McGregor as she did the highland fling
We dressed up for our little shows and then we aran around
As a'' the windaes opened and the pennies hit the ground

They queued top for the pictures a' the lassies wi' their lods
And if they went tae theatre shows they climbed up tae the Gods
For families gathered roon the fire tae sing our favourite songs
Tae days before the tele came this heart o' mine belongs

Mfa Mammie took the washing' tae the steamie every week
Inside a bath upon a pram the wheels they used tae squeak
But a' ma Daddies long johns even if wan had a hole
Hung out the backcourt windae like a flag upon a pole

Ma daddy worked the shipyerds, aye, a man wi' pride and skill
Ah never will forget his likes and Glesga' never will
At hammering and riveting both blood and sweat were spilt
But there upon the River Clyde the finest ships were built

Forgive if I drink too much ma sadness never ends
For I can see the faces now of al
' ma childhood friends
Ah see the streets and lampposts just the way it used to be
When slummy Glesga' tenements were palaces tae me.

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