Dirty Mama

Song Length 3:51 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Affable, Stressed Subject Bad Love, Prostitution
Similar Artists Jeff Beck, Roy Buchanan Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

This is a nice, catchy rock tune! To me, the instrumentation and production sounds quite strong. The guitar riff that repeats is quite catchy. There is some nice shape to the arrangement, but I feel there could possibly be more.

I really like the drive of this piece. Kick-ass guitar work throughout. This is really well built in that it seems like a change is always there exactly when it's needed. Good job.

This song has a very classic drum sound which works well with the song. The guitar tone is also retro. The Guitar melodies are catchy and work well within the song. The bass moves the song along and locks in with the drums, as it should.

Highly entertaining record...5 Stars

This is a great instrumental rock song. I could even see this as background music on TV or in a movie. I think this would sound awesome in a live concert.

I can picture the soccer jocks boozing their way across England looking for a good time after the home team won. It's upbeat with a little edge. Great touch with the organ. Rocking solo guitar (even if a little hot in the mix). Raw in a great way. Perfect for pulp fiction'esq films or similar television themes.

Very interesting sound...Terrific guitar playing...love the edge on the guitars!! It kind of sounds like Neal Young & Crazy Horse....Great Job!!

I really like the sound of the drums and the driving guitar, I think the keyboards bring the song together.

Kind of a Carlos Santana approach to a soundtrack. I can see this used in a street scene..Rainy night....gangsters.....Hook is cute and sticks with ya.

What's not to like about this POWERFUL instrumental track? This band obviously has their act together. This is a very hard-driving track. I wonder if there are vocals to it? Great, memorable hook/guitar licks. Nice keys in background and bass is also good. Love the drum intro...really works for this track.

Great beat. Has a nice swing feel to it. I could totally dance to this. Some seriously good talent here in the guitar playing. I only wish I could play a fraction this good! Definitely on the right track here. Nice song!

Cool vibe...very modern yet still with a retro kind of vibe. I really dig it.

love this like the distortion and the dark melody. bass line is infectious.well executed, catchy instrumental.

Lyrics NA Music Jeff Maguire
Producer Jeff Maguire Publisher Dorian Duck Music
Performance Jeff Maguire Label NA
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