Story Behind The Song

I run the Bristol Songwriters Circle, and we have just started Workshops. This is our first song from those workshops, after doing a creative exercise to build a song from. With Ego's left at the door, and much compromise, we have created a Song showcasing Anna's Vocals in a little known genre called Trance Reggae!!

Song Description

A Woman who wants her lover to leave the city and start a new life with her by the sea, but her lover needs convincing, to the extend where she has to help him/her analysis the present situation and offer support to take that big step and make the move. Lavender is a euphemism for a Great Life,among other personal reasons known to the the Line Writer.

Song Length 3:18 Genre World - Reggae/Caribbean, Electronic - Trance
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Irritated Subject Encouragement, Beach
Similar Artists Tracy Chapman, Jack Johnson Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's like lavender to me
You could be this free
Holding hands on the beach
You and me

Leave the city behind
Leave that dull stale air
Leave that all amongst the cars
Have no fear

Look at our life back there
Come on and compare the air
But promise your look deep inside
And answer that question
You despise
Are you happy there

Come away with me
You could be this free
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me

Come on
So come on
Hold on
Hold on and on and on to me
You could be this free


Lyrics Jason Lee Mince/Damian Michael Polley/Anna Marie Bearsmore/Stephen Howell/BJ Chapman Music Damian Michael Polley/Stephen Howell/Anna Marie Bearsdmore/Jason Lee Mince/Karl Bruce Stewart
Producer Damian Michael Polley/Stephen Howell

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