Insatiable You

Story Behind The Song

In the UK, there is a Song Contest called X-Factor (with Simon Cowell) and in the 2006 edition were a boyband called Eton Road, I had this song churning around in my head, and realised it was perfect for them, so I got to work on it with Producer Errol in

Song Description

A song about being madly in love, and how that other person has significantly made their life more enriched because of this. From the everyday of being around them, being around others, and being able to follow their dreams in life. None of this would hav

Song Length 3:38 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood On Cloud Nine
Subject Madly In Love Similar Artists Boyz II Men
Language English Era 2000 and later


my life has never felt this way before,
the moon will wax and wain no more,
no reason to walk out the door,
cause you're beautiful, spiritual to me.

It seems the very essense of my days,
has friendship rooted in its gaze,
an openess to all in play,
cause you're beautiful, spiritual to me.

All of this my love,
I would give to thee,
This love speech,
makes me feel unique
Insatiable You.

My heart, out there in the world of dreams,
suspended on this wholesome breeze,
achieving all its meant to be,
cause you're beautiful, spiritual to me.


stop you're laughing,
what you like,
I see you there looking at me,
do u really understand what I am saying,
do you know how much I feel for you!
Is this just a game you're playing.
Is this a Game you're playing?


My life has never felt this way before.

Lyrics Jason Lee Mince Music Jason Lee Mince
Producer Errol Brown (Birmingham) Publisher n/a
Performance n/a Label n/a

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