Story Behind The Song

I watched a drama on BBC1 called Freefall, and it was about the present recession and how it was affecting everyone from the bankers to the family re-morgaging! But one man seemed to slide through evrything without getting caught up in all the hardship. He sold a bad mortgage package to an old school mate, then got out of the business to sell green energy products, he was young, bright and sociable but deadly- A Cold Fish, as they say. A memorable character though, and he inspired me to think -what could make a man like that? and can a man like that change?

Song Description

A guy who has lived a rich, but hatefilled and souless life with the endorsement of family decides to turn his back on that lifestyle and try and become a new man, Can it be possible?

Song Length 4:12 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heated, Incensed Subject Freedom, Crime, Theft
Similar Artists Timbaland, Ice-T Language English
Era 2000 and later



I am a Sweet Talking Young Man
In my own world of ideals
with a penchant for the unkind
& yet my dear mum thinks I'm fine

I walk the streets with my head high
I lend a hand to the work shy

Yet feed an appetite for Hate Crime x3

Who or What gave me the body blow
Gave me the body blow
That knocked out my soul x 2

I decide to lead a humble life
Give up the luxury life
although no one is after me
But somethings haunting me
somehow haunting me.

Turn my back on my family
the ghosts stop haunting me
now they're just taunting me
taunting me x2


I'm ready to handle life
without the pressures of the past
with a heart thats beating fast
beating fast
For Change

I am a rarely talking man
in my own world of an ideal
An ideal!
with a penchant for the kind
& yet my mum don't think I am fine

I walk the streets with hooded head
I pass on by those who choose to beg
and all I have is my one ideal
an appetite to truly feel

a lust to love, a love to feel, a love for others


Lyrics Jason Lee Mince Music Jason Lee Mince/Damian Polley
Producer Jason Lee Mince/Damian Polley

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