Daffodil Perfume/Rancid Flannel

Story Behind The Song

Well, it does happen to relate to a personal relationship one of us was experiencing at the time. It came about when we both were at a Songwriters Festival at Bath Spa University and were asked to work on a composition with someone else. We found we worke

Song Description

Sweetness may not be as attractive as we would like to think, and for the person in the song wondering humourously whether to leave, this very sweetness is difficult to accept. Maybe because it may not be that real or also because they have been unable to

Song Length 0:54 Genre Folk - Traditional
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Affable Subject Dysfunctional Relations
Language English Era 2000 and later


Sweet can be a bitter pill
I found this out when I met you
A soften course I played until
mmmh mmmh mmmh mmmh

Stuck inside this awful ride
cheap seating ripped and flaying
no corkscrew heights, abrasive lights
just humble bumps and my ripped tights

I try to feel right
sweet sentimental tripe

Another Shudder in our bed
Thats what my mind says

But it stinks, right!
Gonna leave tonight

Mmmmh mmmh mmmh mmmmH!

Lyrics Smith & Mince Music Smith & Mince
Producer Songwriters Festival, Bath Spa University Publisher n/a
Performance n/a Label n/a

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