Kiss My Attitude

Song Length 3:26 Genre Rock - General
Era 2000 and later


Kiss My Attitude

You bolt out of bed in the middle of the night
Pent up, pissed off, picking another fight
Did you have yourself a nightmare, did I star in your bad dream
"Been having one for a year now" you scream

What'd I ever do to make you such a maniac
Gave you everything you wanted, this is how you pay me back
It's three o'clock in the morning, excuse me for being rude
Let me bend over, you can

Kiss my attitude
Kiss my attitude

I tolerated your tantrums and the insults you hurled
Your balls are in my court now so revolve around my world
Did you get some satisfaction seeing me sacrifice myself
At the altar of your ego, I wish I was someone else

You always say "I'm sorry" when I finally fall apart
It's like putting a little band-aid on a ripped up, stepped on heart
It's the end of a rope kind of evening, 'bout time for you to come unglued
I won't be here to fix you, you can

Kiss my attitude
Kiss my attitude
Kiss my attitude

Here we are back where we were before
You promised me last time there'd be no more
That there would be no more

I've always been a good girl, trying not to complain
But the dawn's breaking, my head's aching, you're driving me insane
I don't have any strength left and you don't have a clue
So get dressed, get out and

Kiss my attitude
Kiss my attitude
Kiss my, kiss my attitude
Oh, I sacrificed myself
You sucked up all my strength
Pack it up, pucker up
Kiss my attitude

Lyrics James Butler, Robin Randall Music James Butler, Robin Randall
Producer Guy Marshall Publisher James Butler, Robin Randall
Performance Diana DeWitt

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