Never Alone

Song Length 3:49 Genre Pop - General



Nobody knows where life's road may be leading
We brave every thorn just to reach for the rose
Love's come and gone like a dream ever fleeting
But I feel you near me, I'm never alone

Grief came to call like a midsummer storm
Shut me in walls of doubt and despair
You made me stand tall, you brought me to wonder
And like the rain I learned to live with the thunder

I wondered lost in a long lonely winter
Waiting for someone to carry me home
Now the cold wind of hurt left me frozen and bitter
But you warmed my heart, now I'm never alone

Save my life now

I prayed in vain, hope slipped through my hands
As the tides wash away footprints etched in the sand
Then you came along, filled me with passion
I touched the flame and rose out of the ashes

Holding on tight to this flight of the spirit
Like a bird in the night trying to fly on my own
For you taught me how to embrace change not fear it
There in the silence
I hear you saying
You're never alone

Lyrics James Butler, Ember Butler, Robin & Judithe Randall Music James Butler, Robin Randall
Producer Guy Marshall Performance Marcie Free

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