10th Avenue Blues

Song Length 4:23 Genre Rock - General


10th Avenue Blues

You left me standing all alone on Times Square
The rain was pouring down but I didn't care
I got no money, my heart is broken
Can't buy me dinner on a subway token
From mid Manhattan to tenth avenue
Baby that's all I could feel was blue
Baby was blue
All that I could feel was blue

Your star is rising 'neath the hazy rays of LA
You're gonna watch this portrait of an artist fade
You said my songs wouldn't sell, my poems don't rhyme
I drink too much and I brood all the time
Even though the things you said to me were true
Baby that's all I could feel was blue
All I could feel, all I could feel was blue

Was your love just a lie
Why does the truth make me stand here and cry
You said you loved me, loved me
Was I just a fool, I can't believe it baby
That you could be so cruel

Repeat bridge

You're my California girl, I'm your wild Irish rose
Can't help myself what my heart knows
I may not change but I'll try like hell
On your sayso, babe, I'll wear it well
I'll give up my garret on Tenth Avenue
Swear off the booze, the moods and the blues
I would have given it all to you
From mid Manhattan to Tenth Avenue
From Staten Island to Central Park Zoo
From my heart to your heart, all that is true
Baby that's all I could feel was blue
All I could feel
All I could feel
Baby I all that I could feel was blue

Lyrics James Butler, Jeff Silverman Music James Butler, Jeff Silverman
Producer Jeff Silverman Publisher James Butler, Jeff Silverman
Performance James Christian

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