Accident'ly On Purpose

Song Length 4:47 Genre Pop - General


Accident'ly On Purpose

Quasi-intellectual atmosphere
Cappuccino,wine and bottled beer
Cigarette smoke and show biz types
Pitchin' that dirt and empty hype
Seems like it goes on all night

Chocolate pleasures and open mike
Comics, poets and the songs they write
Abstract art, cafe au lait
Brilliant colors to shades of gray
This is where to come to play

Have an open mind
Have an open book
Catch a shady whisper
Steal a cheated look

Accident'ly on purpose, you could find someone new
It could happen to you
Accident'ly on purpose, it isn't taboo
It could happen to you

Problematic people who come to share
Troubles and woes, hell, pull up a chair
Fat free solutions heavy on the hurt
Amaretto romance for dessert
Let the caffeine do the work

Your secret's safe with me
I won't tell a soul
Unless it's a real good story
With a chance of being sold

Repeat chorus

Looking for love, looking for fame
Looking for someone to remember your name

Repeat chorus


Lyrics James Butler, Carolyn Doswell, Robin Randall Music James Butler, Robin Randall
Producer Guy Marshall Publisher James Butler, Carolyn Doswell,Robin Randall
Performance Diana DeWitt

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