It All Comes Down To Love

Song Length 4:22 Genre Pop - General


It All Comes Down to Love

Take a look in my eyes
Can you feel my heart breaking
Baby we got lost when the times got tough
We both know, but neither ones saying
Have we forgotten

It comes down to love (all comes down)
It all comes down to love (all comes down)
We can put these dreams back together
One by one if we try hard enough
When it all comes down,
It all comes down to love

Hold on tight there's an insight coming
Smooth sailing when the water gets rough
It's not too late in our hearts we will find
The end of our rainbow comes down to love

Repeat chorus

So many pages we left unturned
So many bridges we left unburned
Through it all these are still
The best years of our lives
Are we gonna just watch our love die?

Here we are back where we started
There?s a promise were both thinking of
The past is behind us and the future?s wide open
If the truth is spoken

It comes down to love

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 2002 by Mark Keefner, James Butler & Robin Randall

Lyrics James Butler, Mark Keefner Music James Butler, Mark Keefner, Robin Randall
Producer Mark Keefner Publisher James Butler, Mark Keefner, Robin Randall
Performance Mark Keefner

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