Court Jester Shorter Instrumental

Song Description

Playful, building to grand climax orchestral piece that has 4 distinctive yet melded parts in just 1:43--perfect for use in film, TV.

Song Length 1:43 Genre Classical - General, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Delighted, Amiable Subject Pride, Joy
Similar Artists Tchaikovsky, John Williams Language No Language
Era 1800 - 1899

Fine instrumentation, well mixed. The addition of varying instrumental tracks and timing change worked nicely with the basic musical theme. Short, but effectively sweet!

Very dramatic with a nice change thrown in to go in a different direction.

I think this track is very suitable for a 2D cartoon about some upcoming holiday. The scene begins with a walk around the city, for example, granddaughter and grandfather on New Year's Eve. And before the eyes more and more the beauty of the New Year's city is revealed. More and more people appear, everyone is running for purchases - colorful toys for the Christmas tree, gifts.
Interesting harmony, playful mood, pleasant solemn development, fairytale element.

Hi. It defenitely has a live sound to it and a natural reverb. The sound is fabulous and musicians sound so real. Motiv is developed from beginning and style and instrumentation progresses nicely and pizz. Is played together and tempo is exact. A continuation would be great!

The beginning sounded like a solo by Yo Yo Ma but had a surprise majestic ending. Very innovation work.

Wow! Fantastic composition and arrangement, as well as performances. This was a fun listen.

Quite a quirky track, and I like the triumphant ending as well -- it gives it the classical feeling I think you were trying to convey. The middle part with the woodwinds and pizzicato strings kept the song interesting for me and didn't drag out the music which is great.

The beginnings of this gave me chills - lovely string arrangement. I was taken by surprise by the pizzicato and drum parts, but they do work, and bring the whole to an unexpected climax. Nice work!

well bravo. short and sweet. amazing arrangement

Seems to convey a scene with aristocrats boarding a vessel, or getting on a carriage.

The first thing I noticed about the song was how short it was, and wow, how much excitement happened in that amount of time! It was a neat surprise how the gentle and beautiful strings at the beginning transformed into this glorious march sound that reminded me of a celebration. The song was definitely very dynamic! I totally was not expecting the brass to come in, and that was an exciting surprise! The song also incorporated some pizzicato strings into it, which I always love!

Hi! The song is amazing! The interpretation technique of instruments is very good too!

A pleasant listen. Started simple and then you kept building. I like that. I would be curious to know if this was all electronic or if the violins at the beginning were real.

This sounds like the work of Ben Stone.


Sounds very professional, good work!

Excellent recording. Melodic, and soothing.

Well arranged short composition. The opening theme is developed well, with some good variations. Good arrangement of orchestral drums. Tempo is varied well. Great crescendo towards end with good brass work. Nicely balanced mix and recording.

Sounds like the history channel!!! Nice work. I like the solo violin the best. I think this composition's production would be much better if it stuck to solo elements. Although, I like where it went and it has great potential for licensing. It is tough to get those strings sectional samples to work well. Try automating the fader to add swells which give more dynamic range to them. Dont play a strings section element like you'd play a chord on the piano, it never sounds right. Remember that is a sample of 18 or so people and when suddenly there are 54 of them it does not sound right. Keep going!!!

Music Warren Hein Producer Warren Hein
Publisher Warren Hein Performance Wade Mosher (WFH)
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