Too Much I Don't Know (vocal)

Song Description

Melancholy look on life, great for a film and vague enough lyrics to fit MANY uses.

Song Length 3:22 Genre Folk - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Disturbed Subject Change, Existence
Similar Artists Billy Joel, Warren Zevon Language English
Era 2000 and later


Too Much I Don't Know
© 2007, 2012 Words and Music by Warren Hein

I wonder if my same old thoughts
Aren't my new ideas
The world is still on fire
And crying the same old tears
These gloomy days have me so stuck
Like that statue in the rain
Standing for years in the village square
Like me he's full of stains

If there's one thing that I know
There's too much I don't know
If there's one secret I've learned
I try not to let it show
If there's one thing that I know
There's too much I don't know
If there's one secret I've learned
I try not to let it show

The neighbor's shades are open
But I rarely see a light
Their housekeeper just finished the floors
So it's safe to come home tonight
Will those clouds bring rain we need
Or a flood up to our knees
Will it be another hurricane
Or a soft and gentle breeze

By now you want some meaning
How dare you ask for that
We've ignored most of the screaming
And that's a matter of fact
We've got riches for the making
Crap's falling off our shelves
California's quaking
But keep it to yourselves

Solid Folk rock tune. Great vocals delivering the emotion. Instruments support the vocals well. Pro production. Well done!

i love this . good words , nice delivery , great voice

Nice instrumentation! I like the story and the emotion of the lyrics. Easy to visualize.

I thoroughly enjoyed this track which was definitely a cross between Country and Folk and a really enjoyable musical story. The vocals are excellent and have a really distinct sound that has Don Henley-esque qualities. The 'gravelly' tone is very captivating and allows the story to be told in a way that makes you want to keep listening! Excellent acoustic guitar playing too!


I loved this song Warren! Which is huge for me! I am very critical about what I like. This song is very well written. The music, chords and lyrics flow naturally. It has a great mix and arrangement that is pleasant to the listener. The whole song evokes emotion. I also enjoyed the musical bridge. It has a perfect length. 3 1/2 minutes. This was worth taking time for! Best wishes for what ever you hope to achieve with this song!

One of your best, bro. Write on!

Good tune! Vocals are raspy and haunting. I like the cello and the slide guitar solo, both of those add a nice color to the arrangement. The overall mix is very good and well balanced.
Good job!
Bill Hunter - Common Ground

Just a very original song with tremendous atmosphere, beautifully performed. It's highly memorable and deserves success.
Can be no negatives!!

Great intro on guitar. Overall, good tune. Great instrumentation and vocals. Good chorus and hook. The lyrics could use polishing. I'm reminded of "Taxi" by Harry Chapin...a good personal recounting, but not commercial enough for today's market imo. Hope this is useful!

Hello Warren, it's Nathaniel, I will be your review operator today.

Lets start with the scores in reverse.

Quality of title: Most publisher love short names. This is the only reason it was marked average. It's a good title that suits the song. Bad for metadata searches and file naming in publisher systems? You'll want to shorten that up. "I don't know. Clueless. Ignorant me. Stuck in stupid." Those are quick ideas for shorter names. Not a deal breaker. If you like the name... Keep it until a publisher tells you otherwise.


Originality: You took a hit here (that will be covered more intimately in individual instrumentation and chord progression remarks.) The big glaring obvious reason "Why?" will be that it is easily reproducible. I can load this song up in my Pro-tools, work out the chords with relative ease, reverse engineer the entire thing, and then just do everything a little bit differently "to call it my own."

Everyone does this. If you ever write a hit song? They'll do it to you too. I have found... When you can produce something that is not easily imitated? You've hit original. As a non country enthusiast, this sounds exactly like every other country song out there, there is nothing new here. This is a problem. Doesn't matter how good the lyrical content is... These days? All the supervisors "have people" that can really take a grinder to a studio and work insane magic. You'll need to "up the formula" here to get someones attention. Especially in Nashville... Those guys are ruthless. They'll throw your career on hold while they hire a guy to reproduce your idea just a little bit differently. I've seen it. This is why your arrangements and chord progressions need to twist things up a little more than I'm hearing. Make your art irreplaceable. Make your craft so hard to reproduce that they "have to go with you." Don't give the sharks in Nashville time to respond.

It is not that this isn't good. It's good. I've just heard a thousand variations of it by now. So its not new. It doesn't have an element that draws my ear to it over the many other polished recordings much like it.

It's in your rhythm perhaps? I've been trying to just wing a bunch of chords together and beat them in a four chord formula. You know what I find? It's the starts and stops that make it sound clean. Make it catchy. The transitions here didn't even really address that even.

Sometimes its not about "keeping the band always playing and always doing stuff." Sometimes... It's the pauses and the breathing in between our notes and melodies that evokes the emotion. Please consider this while you continue to read and I discuss melodies later.


Mix/Recording: This had a standard polished studio feel to it. Better than anything happening in most people's home recording setups surely, only thing I'd change mix wise would be that kick. You're solid for demoing purposes surely.


Vocals: He's good, but I don't hear him do nearly as much as I think he is capable of. The verses have a repeat in the vocal melody which kind of removes a bit from its hookability for me. It's the same notes over and over. The same delivery in timing as well. It becomes repetitive for this reason. I would suggest writing a few "melodic variations" in the B half of both of your verses. I think just a quick change of delivery and timing from the repeating lyrical rhythm found in the verses would go far. Bring him up or down a few extra notes. Don't just hit on the same measures and the same points throughout. Juke it up a bit and this will help. Faster songs? Don't need this as much. But this is slow... It takes its time. And this is fine. But it's important to hear him do as much as he can fit into that time allowed. So... Make him do more. I can't

Warren, its a very cool song. It's a little ambiguous to me, I listened twice. I wasn't entirely clear what you were singing about, or who you were singing to. My take on it is that it's a commentary on climate change. If that's the case, I would have a line in there that speaks to that directly.Something like "will our planet be here for our childrens children. If that's not what it's about , then it needs a lyric tweak to clear it up. If it is about climate, I think it could be used by a lot of different orgs and movements , especially out in California that have causes that speak to that. Nice vocals and melody brother.I don't get the housekeeper line. If it's "their" house and floors, why would it be safe for you to come home? If you have been selected for opps, it may just be a matter of you got edged out by a better song. Happens to me all the time. :) Donovan

I really like this, I feel it's universal. It may take the right opp for it to be placed. And it's hard to say what that opp may be. Good song though. Music and lyrics are a good match. A really good production. Nice vocals.

This is not the type of genre I listen to so has been difficult for me to review. I enjoyed the instrumentation very much. It is difficult to give it a specific genre as it also has a country feel to it.

I would give the vocals a bit of reverb as in my personal view, they sound just a tad dry - this may give the track a bit more depth. Maybe add some strings to your second verse to make it dynamically different to the first?

The lyrics seem a little forced into the melody, they don't always seem to fit correctly.
Also definitely not enough change between verses and chorus. The chorus sounds more like a pre-chorus coming just after the verses. I would say this is the biggest problem with this song.

Overall excellent job, it seems to me that this piece is a de facto.
The cello would need to be worked, it plays very straightforward notes without expression.
I think the chorus may benefit from some widening.

Man.........this is a really Great Tune, Love the lyrics, like the sentiment of the song, pensive and thoughtful!! Love the arrangement and the Lead Vocal is Spot On!! This is just your Run-of-the-Mill everyday Tremendous Composition!!! Wish I'd have penned this jewel.........

Nice tune Warren! The only crit I have is the vocal is a little too high in the mix. There is a lot of space in the instrumentation so voc can come down while still being able to hear every word. I also thought there was a lot of high-end. Too much sparkle. This is just a taste thing but I like songs like this warmer. Overall, a really good job and I wish much luck with it.
I listened 2 times on my studio monitors.

Well done Warren..

it's more folk-pop than folk-rock. chorus hook seems just a little to wordy. if you could simply it without losing the message, I always did like this composition.

Great song, great recording, great playing, great singing... um whats not to like? The lead singer has an excellent voice, the recording was either done in a good studio or you are light years ahead of me and well almost everyone else in terms of home recording... wow very nice. Specifically the acoustic guitar tone... I have a $2000 acoustic Martin and it sounds like sh!t compared you yours... whats your secret? The drums are fantastic... everything is big and transparent. You didnt fill virtually ever space with junk like a lot of people do... the song breathes... overall A++

You know if I HAD to bitch about something, Id be hard pressed to find much to whine about. But if I was asked to nitpick, it would be the cello... If Id spent as much time on this tune as you probably have, I wouldve hired someone to come in a play the cello part, or get the new Tina Guo Solo cello it's quite nice... in fact best solo cello Ive ever heard. Its made by Cinesamples and its not expensive. Dont worry I am not an advertisement:) Very nice work...

This is Great! A bit gloomy, but great nonetheless.

Seems very professional and beautifully performed, however to be honest, there is a slight disconnect between the verses and the hook. Maybe this is the reason it doesn't place with producers.

Great voice blended beautifully with the instrumentation. Nicely done great work!

like this right from the start

nice laid back track with some very good lyrics. quite a sad song. good instruments and lyrical theme on this song.

Lyrics Warren Hein Music Warren Hein
Producer Warren Hein/Martin Haene Publisher Warren Hein
Performance Martin Haene instruments/Ben Olson vocals
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