19 Years Piano/Acoustic Jazz Short

Song Description

Very cool jazz fusion style piano lead piece with acoustic vibe.

Song Length 1:30 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cool, Content Subject Spirituality, Infinity
Similar Artists Billy Joel, Count Basie Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Piano ?? is powerful in this tune. I like.

There is clearly commercial intentionality here. This concise work possesses the necessary earmarks to succeed as such. A simple yet expertly constructed acoustic quartet (kbd, gtr, bas, drm) that, given the opportunity, will deliver the discreet and solid underpinning required in the promotion of some undoubtedly fine product or other. I expect I'll hear this again, perhaps on my TV at some point. -- Nice work!

First impression was that this could be a movie soundtrack piece. Nice idea where the song breaks and all the instrumentation except piano drops out.

I liked how the song had a definite story in it. It felt strong and feminine with a twist; saying like it or not, I can do whatever I want to you. Nice. The piano concept was interesting in that it felt like you were going to be riding calmly down a riverbank, and suddenly you were thrown into a world of mischief. Cool.

Very nice laid back tune. Like the opening with the solo piano before the rest of the instrumentation comes in. It has a more pop feel to me than jazz. Like the sound of the piano very much. The mix is great, everything in the right place. The melody is strong and in the end, I was looking forward to hearing it go on for longer than it did. Very enjoyable!

Love the track... The full band surprised me when they came in, thought it was going to be a solo piano piece. I really like the playing in this track, great groove, kind of a Tango or Spanish... Western. Great simple melody. Cool little timing things, the breaks are very nice. Love the jazzy brushes, good performances, dig the bass too.

Really pretty music.....an interesting composition with elements of jazz, rock, and classical!! Very well played and produced. Extremely original and pleasant!!

Nice little tune.

Interesting start and song. this seems to have a Latin flavor to me. the artist has recorded this in a fine manner---all the instruments are clean and have the right e.q.

Lovely song. I think I hear three instruments here that are working perfectly together. Nice piano intro into the song. This has more of a Spanish feel to it which is wonderful. Nice smooth tempo that carries the song.

Nice tinkling the ivories. Pleasant little tune. That little pause was interesting.

Music Warren Hein Producer Warren Hein
Publisher Warren Hein Performance Wade Mosher (WFH)
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