Song Length 1:00 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - General
Language English

This song got better and better. Love the vocals. The lyrics are easy to connect with, they take me right back to my own hometown in the 80s. This is perfect for film tv asking for an 80's throwback. The bridge is my favorite. Didn't expect it. The tones used are retro 80s..LOVE it! Really nice work on this.

I really liked this from the jump. Very melodic, and the band is exceptionally-tight. Tasteful instrumentation, not over-played, and the vocal and harmonies fit the song extremely well. Great little tune and even the smooth fade works perfectly!

I really liked the music and the quality of the recording. I enjoyed the uniqueness of the singers voice

Catchy 90's era pop rock feel like Lit, Gin Blossoms, Wallflowers. Like the harmonies on the chorus and jangly guitars. Good chorus hook. Bridge works well to set up the final chorus.

Intro involved me, Singer has an original voice stile. Nice chorus, and the rhythm is cool. Great job!

Strong intro/lead-in
First line of chorus is great.
Verse tells a story
Idea of looking back/memories is strong
All rhythm/backing instruments well played/recorded
Backing vocals smooth
Overall sound is evenly mixed and fits genre
Lead guitar well-placed in the mix
Good length for pop song
I would listen to more!

love the melody and the vibe ...

I really like the sound of the drums and the lead guitar - very professional sounding song. Sounds a bit like Billy Joel.

Excellent production, perfect vocals. Lyrics are not my taste, but that depends on individual. Potential country hit.

Very clever and oh so cruel!

nice short poppy rock track. has a bit of tom petty about it. well played and performed and enjoyable song

Good vocal and arrangement

Solid pop track. Nice recording. Well timed/spaced instrumentation. This sounds like a retro 80's tune. Which is not a bad thing. I think this song has legs for maybe period uses. I think I have heard this song on Broadjam's review page before but it's nice to hear again. Fun chorus. Catchy. I think this could attract people for uses in a comedy/light drama.

engaging rock song,tight instrumentation /vocals, gets you from the start, nice one

nice classic rock sound, nice friendly melody. vocals fit the tune...kinda like the Monkey's...nice lead guitar work.

I thought the recording quality was fantastic. Very open and lush sounding. The vocal harmonies were great, I wish there had been more of the three part harmonies. The lead guitar was very distinct, with an almost bluesy slide vibe.

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