Song Length 3:50 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant Language English
Era 2000 and later



verse 1 I could rest in your arms almost like
Until the day that I die
I?ve fallen for your charms cuz you
Get me up and you keep me high

B section:Well I?ve been feeling breathless around you, yeh
Hanging with the stars
(I) come home feeling restless, I need you
Closer than you are

chorus California, well I hear you calling me
?Mayday, do you read????
California, Well you know I so belong in your company

verse 2 She?s got her share of the surf and the sun
And she?s always lots of fun
Just when I think the day?s almost over
She tells me it?s just begun

B section: She pulls my butt up off of the sofa, yeh
Sparkle in her eyes
And anyone you talk to will tell you
She?s never been denied

chorus: California, well I hear you calling me sub chorus: California fool
?Roger, yes I read!!!?
California, well you know I so belong in your company

Bridge: She?s like the land of milk and honey
And she?s running to me still
I don?t just love her for her money
Cuz she?s not that kind of girl

chorus: California (Califonia cool-cool California) well I hear you calling me
?Mayday, do you read???? Cool California
California (California fool-ooh I think I love ya) well you know I so belong in your company

Interesting tune with lots of wild dynamic changes. Well-written and the vocals are great. Tons of energy and I liked the power. Good song!

Very well put-together and catchy tune. Great production and instrumentation. The riff at the opening, which is repeated throughout, is great.

The verses are a bit sixties oriented, the bridge is in Nine Inch Nails territory, the refrain is... in California.

Very catchy and has potential.

Like the unique voice on this track, a little different than most. Good mix on this Like the tone on the rhythm guitar.
Enjoyable song all around
I can see this in a movie very easily!
Good dropout,breakdown, and comeback!

Lyriclly this is reminessant of the Dandy Warhols, a band I really dig. so, very cool vibe here. arrangement is solid and I liked the chorusy vocal. Lots of talent here.

This was a pleasant surprise to hear. It has a good foot tapping beat and is composed well. Not too repetitive or all over the place. It just has a good balance of interesting vocal style, good recording quality and unique riffs. The vocal style is kind of "I don't care I'm just out here singing having fun" It fits the tune perfectly and doesn't feel overdone. I definitely enjoyed it.

Love the mix, reminds me of Jack White

Really cool song, very catchy! Love the production. Impressive drummer. Nice vocals. Is that a organ (quack sound)? Impressive! I'm still singing it in my head. Are you guys on you tube?

I really like the sound of the drums and the arrangement. I like the energy during the California refrain.

Great production value. I enjoyed the instrumentation and tones accompanied with the tight groove. The music during the verses have an almost "classic rock" vibe, but it's definitely dressed for modern appeal so it's a cool thing. If the title of the song is "California", then the hook is definitely doing it's job. The singer reminds me of the singer from Live.

cool idea but needs to be rerecorded and get better production it sounds like separated pieces instead of one fluid song and you have some timing issues with vox and guitars

Nicely recorded. Some good interesting sounds in there.

Good tune....good hook to it. Dig the vocal effect.

Radio ready.

Cool Organ low end balance. Like the slight vocal FX. Great progression of elements. Nice transitions. Very cool melody with roots in classic rock. Great stuff!!! really like the background vocal melody choice. Nice outro breakdown!

Really liked when the verses pick up like at around 1:38 it creates a very nice transition.

Lyrics charlie shock Music charlie shock
Producer jay evjen Publisher shock ent.
Performance charlie shock
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