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Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song after learning about the passing of progressive rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose. This song sounds similar to some of the music we preformed together when I auditioned for his band sometime last century.

Song Description

World beat - Progressive Rock cocktail

Song Length 3:05 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, World - World Beat
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Exultant, Cheerful Similar Artists Eric Johnson, Imagine Dragons
Era 2000 and later

Nice instrumental. Starts off gentle and builds excitement. This song has a positive vibe. It's fun to listen to, especially liked the last section, was a little disappointed when it ended. I don't see any reason why this composition couldn't have commercial success. Great instrumentation, mix and production. Like when the drums kick in the second part of the song.

Great resolution between sections! Love the constistant pushing and driving beat! Killer guitar work, really good sounds.

It's really nice how you changed the feels of the song thru out.......

Sort of a cross between Floyd and Alan Parsons, very nice guitar playing, good arrangement , backing instruments are very solid. Nice ethereal build to climax, well done.

Nice sound on keys from the start. the build up was very good. Really like the over all tone and feel of the piece. Kind of puts me in mind of Rick Wakeman. The guitar work was Steller as well. The over all piece was well constructed and perfumed. Great work, thank you for sharing it.

Not what I expected to hear for progressive rock, but I quite liked this tune, it "drew me in". The mix level for the various instruments is excellent. Nice guitar work and good effect choice. Quality recording!

Cool mix of electronic and rock elements. The guitar solo was nice! Around the 2:00 mark, I was expecting the song texture to change completely, maybe with a rhythic change (metric modulation). Still a very nice piece. All the best!

well produced, nice guitar tone, drums are warm. musicianship is first rate - reminds me a bit of Ronnie Montrose's instrumental album Open Fire.

Loved it! This music takes you on a journey from beginning to end. I highly recommend listening with headphones so you can hear all the ear candy! Excellent instrumentation. Loved the arrangement as well.

Really nice sound. It kept my interest throughout and the mix was excellent. I liked the fact that even when multiple guitars were present, one didn't over-ride another but stayed within the framework of the piece. Would definitely like to hear more.

Really cool intro as the instruments begin to mesh very colorfully. This piece builds very nicely and is full of surprises. Great instrumentation.

right away im nodding along. i like the shuffle changes amongst instrumentation. guitar is well placed. nice tone as well. gives me a petrucci vibe. youre clearly an accomplished guitarist. i like the way this song breathes. it has well placed positive vibe.

Loved this. Very cool intro and changes throughout the song.

Great song. It has good melody and depth. I enjoyed the ride. Also really enjoy the guitar! Thanks

Musicians are excellent. I really like the guitar leads. Reminds me of Riverside. Great dynamics of loud and soft sections. Transitions are really well done.

good performance,good sound nice work guys

As the song progressed I was pleasantly surprised at how the song developed. Not what I expected initially! Very cool how the layers blended and how the song changes from an ambient style to a more upbeat rock tune. It builds nicely and in my opinion this song is very marketable! I like the sounds, the tones and the overall vibe! Good luck!

Nice instrumental with enough changes to hold your interest til the end

good overall production. the song has good beat, like drums with percussion that gives a different feel. instrumentation is good and ysing layers enhances the main theme.

Music David N Haddad - Orbel Babayan Producer David N Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance David N Haddad
Label Orbel Babayan - Guitar, Jim Wright - Warr Guitar - Dave Haddad - Everything Else
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