I am now expanding my business and merging two of my passions. Composing music and photography. Full production videos and extensive options for Land and aerial drone photography. Great for real-estate postings or make a really nice print/s of your property and surrounding land/view.

You can add a SUHD Video production of your land and or town that you live in. Breathtaking 4K video and original soundtracks composed by Brian Mathew Taylor.

I can also fill action sport such as knitting. haha j/k. But seriously, I can fill running, jogging, driving, riding, almost anything you can think of.

I will be offering basic Drone Quadcopter flight lessons.

All jobs are given individual proposals, all based on the extent of your project.

I also offer CD printing and can make beautiful wall posters and canvas prints. You name and we'll work it out the fit your imagination.

Latest News

I use Protools 9 to record. I love it. It's a sonic Marvel!
My computer foams at the mouth RAMing it's teeth into it's decibilities (yeah I made that last word up)! Just finnish my new album "Out of the Ground." Available now!

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Phantom Photography

Aerial Drone Photograph/ Videography
4K SUHD Full Production videos
Real Estate Photography
Music Videos

Voice Acting

I am now starting my voice acting (voice over)business. Please take a listen to my demos as they become available.

Brian Mathew Taylor

I am a lifetime musician.I played trumpet all through grade school and high school. I started to expand my knowledge of music theory and started composing music when I was about 15 years old and a freshman in high school. I like to write, play and perform music. My influences are: Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Harold Faltermeyer, Dave Weckel, Chic Corea and any of the great classical composers.


over 30 days ago to Brian Mathew Taylor

Unfortunately, this multi-talented artist passed away 7/19/19

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Hello Brian,c thanks a lot for your review and commnets of my song "It Was Yesterday", glad you enjoyed it.

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Brian Mathew Taylor
over 30 days ago

Absolutely Ricardo. Wonderfully dynamic piece.

I too had a song recently reviewed by
Good Advice and wondered how the piece was listened (on board computer speakers??)
Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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