Destined to Fly

Song Description

Groovy, moody, mysterious, passionate & sexy. A relaxed groove with live drums bended with a loop. Innovative keyboard work with sparsely used sound effects and beautiful muted trumpet samples grace the track. The song climaxes with an orchestral bridge that leads into the perfect guitar solo. A pleasing track to relax to which just might take you on a journey.

Song Length 5:37 Genre Electronic - Downbeat, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Enchanting, Serene Similar Artists Zero 7, Sting
Era 2000 and later

First of all, I love the saxophone and just how it comes in and out of the song. Great recording all the way through. This song really has some great sounding drums as well. Wonderful sound effects throughout, it sounds like it could be a soundtrack to a Motion Picture. Great sound, keep on keeping on!

Very pleasant bass and saxophone sound, harmonious atmosphere, tight rhythm section. Cool development at 1:30. Somewhat reminiscent of the Porcupine Tree. For me this music is more like progressive rock. I like everything - the structure of the arrangement, its elements, atmosphere, development, mixing. Very cinematic theme!!!Want to hear more from you.

Great track, I enjoyed listening to it.

Nice work.... REALLY a cool song with tension vibe..... will find a home

Yes, this definitely lives up to what it says on the tin - there is a real electronic downbeat vibe to track. Nice use of rhythms, relaxing instrumentation and sophisticated arrangement. So, well done!!

Amazing arrangement. The drum pattern is amazing ! The switch at 3:50 was definitely unexpected plus a cherry on top with the guitar solo. I have nothing bad to say about this song...

Great job on the orchestration of the song. The brass has a natural sound, and the space is nice. I can hear this instrumental on a car commercial, or some sort of ad where the theme is luxury. There are pieces that would be perfect to a "mature" voice, or just as background music for a scene. And the guitar solo, 2 thumbs up!

love all concepts of this tune. reminds me a bit of Fourplay"
like the changes . The crescendo was a nice touch along with the lead out to the ending.

Dreamscape wonderland and with a touch of dramatic sound cuffs that put you in a trance. Very well executed and brilliant in the delivery- 5 Stars amigo.....

Go on a smooth jazzy musical journey; where esoteric aqua-blossoms of splash and spottle - meet the spires of jade blue gems - extruding from brushes of green paint. Perhaps, on your journey you'll see floral buttons with flows of ink; dancing lightly through ethereal martinis - one olive - quite quaint. Bell-bottoms of blue droplets of musical ink, whisk you to a sad valley of lost dreams perhaps - the cries, quite faint.

Really nice recording, instrumentation, and feel! There's no discernable hook of any kind, and I don't really miss it since it's an ambient sort of piece. While I'm not one for pigeonholing, I don't hear this as jazz as much as electronica, like Zero 7 or Thievery Corporation, who I really like a lot. Having said that, the drums really groove and add so much to the feel, as does the muted trumpet sound. The way the arrangement builds is really cool, especially leading into the guitar solo and transitioning out of it.

I was drawn in from the very beginning! Nice vibe, breakdown, crescendo in this piece. A wide array of sound...kinda puts me in the thought of fusion. This is definitely a song that I can get into. This is a great piece, I like it very much! This is a great composition that deserves 5 stars...Great work on this song!!

From 3:50 on it is great. Guess I like crazy. Whole song, shows a lot of control of a lot of electronic sounds! The tradition of a jazz performer showing his "stuff" is upheld. Your "stuff" is electronica! I think this would make a great video.

very Alice Coltrane-ish. But the bass line droned on a bit too long for me. Then it got all Yanni - the guitar saved it. Drums could have been far more interesting. Overall a keeper - good work.

Nice Groove! Smooth track and the presentation is very tasteful and relaxing with well place drive and energy. Enjoyed the solos and the overall melody. I would buy this song.

Oh man, I love how this one rides, smoother than a Rolls Royce rolling on a street of cotton. Very, very nice.

superb production. few times i listen to songs with passion and this has it. this song provokes different emotions, perfect choice of sounds, interesting guitat soloing (kind of pinkfloydesque), good melody. very good work congratulations

I love the feel of this song. Easy rhythm to get into. Very simple instrumentation.

VERY nice work. I'm super impressed. Arrangement was outstanding. Smooth & melodic the whole way through. LOVED it.

Lyrics N/A Music David N Haddad - Vache Ter-yegishyan
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance David N Haddad - Vache Ter-yegishyan - Derol Caraco
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