Raise 'em High

Song Length 2:29 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Rock


Honky tonk and punk rock
Give ?em attitude
Raise your shirt, raise you shot
Show ?em what you?ve got

Southern rock?n, no cock blocking
Crappers all a mess
Nose is cooking, what?s that smell
Something?s burning, must be hell

Raise ?em high, raise some hell
Drink until you get it right
And be yourself tonight
And will never tell

Hell raising, spirits wailing
Beer don?t grow on trees
Money leaving but I?m staying
Sling another drink to me

Party til it?s morning
Baby what?s your sign
Daddy?s got a brand new bag
Living on a dime



Lyrics Phillip Hyde, Merritt Hyde Music Eric Watters and Caddle
Performance Caddle

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