Song Length 2:48 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Rock


Well I'm headed North on I-65
Been driving three hours, two more til I arrive
Played a show last night in some little town
Made fifteen dollars and all the beer we could down

So I got a slight ache in my head this morning
But that don't matter I gotta keep on driving

Two more hours til Nashville Tennessee
And I can't wait to sing at the Opry
I've always waited for the opportunity
And I can't wait til my mamma sees me

Well I keep turning the knob til I find a good song
Roll down the window and start to sing along
The arrow on my dash says seventy-five
Sun is beating down, Country music keeps me alive

I'm gonna wave at my fans as I drive down Music Row
Can't stop now cause I'm on my way to the show


Lyrics Phillip Hyde Music Phillip Hyde & Eric Watters
Performance Phillip Hyde, Eric Watters, Rick Carter, Jimmie Finney

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