Had To Die

Song Length 5:05 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Well, I remember the first time I saw you
And gazed into your lovely eyes
The sun shone through the diner window
And you smile that pretty smile just for me

Oh why, oh why, did you have to die

I remember the last time I saw you
Tears came to my eyes
Well all the stars were out that night
And I gave one last kiss goodbye

Well I would married you if I could have
But you had to say no
So you had to die and I wouldn?t have got caught
If I?d dug a deeper hole
No, I wouldn?t of got caught
If I?d dug you a deeper hole
Wouldn?t got caught killing you
If I?d dug you, dug you, dug you - a deeper hole

Well, that?s how much I?d loved you true
But you could never understand
If only you?d have loved me too
But you could never say that you do


Now I?m stuck here wasting time
And you?ve never ever left my mind
I?m stuck here in this hole I dug
I dug just for me and you

Oh why, oh why, did you have to die


Lyrics Merritt Hyde & Phillip Hyde Music Caddle
Performance Caddle

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