Story Behind The Song

Wrote this in the late "80's.

Song Length 2:48 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Life, Happiness
Similar Artists James Taylor Language English
Era 1980 - 1989



copyright 2014 billdakemusic ASCAP
Music and Lyrics by Bill Dake

Sittin, by the river
Coolin' my heels
Tryin' to remember how the good life feels
Droppin' a line, skippin' a stone
Thinkin', " This is much better than some lives I've known"

It's better than popcorn
And better than beer
Where everything's possible, there's nothin' to fear
With the heart of a dreamer
Who's a little bit wild
I'll surrender my life
Give my life
To a Wide Eyed Child

I'm gonna wiggle my fingers
And wiggle my toes
Know the secrets that no-one knows
Float on my back with my face to the sun
And thank the stars above for a job well done

Well you can
Wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes
Know the secrets that no-one knows
Remember the visions that made you smile
And live your life
As a Wide Eyed Child
As A Wide Eyed Child
Wide Eyed Child
Wide Eyed Child

Very nice start. Good balance of voice and background.

Nice song with a Cat Stevens vibe. Really strong lyrics and hook.

This was certainly something different , and rather enjoyable .
Not sure where it belongs , but I hope you find a home for it somewhere !
I would guess that the vocal won't be to everyone's taste , but I liked it . The entire track reminded me of something Jim Webb would write .

Pleasant sounding vocal

good ideas here, though rough, good vibe, but a better recording would help this allot. sounds like a rough draft, with good possibilities...

Good subject. and a good....

Kinda in the flavor of Cat Stevens. Not afraid to throw some vocal ideas out there, which both works well at times and others less. Cool chord choices and interesting lyric. This singer is a stylist who brings you in and tells you a story. So cool! Good choice of accompaniment. Sounds like a 12-string? Very creative chord progression and then the vocal melody against it.

like the wording and the style. reminds me of early CS&YN. Blend in voices and music is terrific!

Very interesting song. Nice Chord changes, great musically lyrics were very good interesting. The vocals worked well. Could see this tune in a broadway play maybe a TV/film. overall well done

diction is clear

I really enjoyed this awesome smooth jazzy piece with a skilled and convincing vocalist. If I close my eyes, I picture myself sitting by the river, remembering ... what pleasant memories as the vocalist tells his poignant and heart felt story. Thank you for this!

I like the sincerity of the song and performance. Also the Jackson Browne, Randy Newman innocence, simplicity of the piano/vocal. I like the space it felt you were in acoustically also.

I like the sound of the piano and the bass guitar, good vocals - sounds a bit like James Taylor.

Would be a good song for a Sesame street scene.

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