Lord I worship you

Story Behind The Song

This is a song about looking to Jesus when you go through Hard times.

Song Length 3:19 Genre Country - Religious, Country - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Peaceful
Subject Spirituality, Encouragement Similar Artists Hillary Scott
Language English Era 2000 and later


Lord I worship you (revised)
(Amy Abernathy 2014)

Sometimes things are Harder,
Than we thought they'd be.
And sometimes we don't understand,
The things we just can't see.
We might be sick, and brokenhearted.
Looking straight at our troubles,
Wondering why they started

Then we are asking the question,
Why did this happen to me?
But there is a bigger picture,
One that we just can't see.
His love is the token, it is the key.
A mighty God sits on the throne,
Just waiting to set us free.

So come to the healer,
Let him help you through,
Jesus my Redeemer,
Lord I worship you.
(I worship you.)
Lord in troubled times
I worship you.

Just remember through the trials,
There are things that we cannot change.
But there is a comforter
Who will help us through the pain?
Lord you are the great physician,
And you will help me through.
You are the mighty God
And I will worship you.

So come to the healer,
Let him help you through,
Jesus my Redeemer,
Lord I worship you.
I worship you.
Lord in troubled times
I worship you.

Amy Abernathy
497 sweet water creek drives
Canton GA 30114

A beauty of a Country Religious song. Great lyrics and well delivered by the singer. Balance of music and vocals and the overall production is top notch. Well done. Praise the lord!

great message! sounds like your music comforts people nicely.

I loved this song! It's so needed today. As Christians go through hard times, we are so prone to ask why. This important song teaches us to worship first, to seek the Healer, the Great Physician and let Him take care of the "why." It's so well written and performed, every word crystal clear. So many times I have to click on "view lyrics". Not for this tune. In many Christian songs, the rhymes sound trite and over-used. Not in this song. hearted/started. change/pain. Well-chosen words, carefully crafted lyrics. Terrific tune, hearfelt performance, nice instrumentation and production. No wonder I gave it 5 stars all the way down the chart!

The vocal tone is cool and smooth , has a Dolly vibe to it. Very listenable. The harmony is spot on, good pitch and timing with the lead Vox. Good positive outlook to back up The questions

we have all wondered why bad things happen to us. but it is comforting to know the Lord will see us through. your song is an inspirational song of praise.


Lyrics Amy Abernathy Music Nashville song demo
Producer Nashville song demo Performance Rachel Christadli
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