I'm an independant musician making independant songs about this, that and all i see unfolding before me. Most interested in songs as a means of social commentary. There's a wide range of tremendously boring songs out there nowadays, designed to make you think less. So stop, listen, think and enjoy!

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working on 12 demos to independently release an album for your pleasure and leisure.

History of Violence

this new song si my alternative national anthem for britain, which despites it's proclamations of greatness through it's empirical years, has had a great propensity of violence and injustice in it's approach to it's global wanderings.

New Song - Waiting

well it's been a year since young BarackObama became president of the united states, whistling in on a manifesto of change - we're all still waiting - the more it changes the more it stays the same - i was naive to expect justice and fairness in this world! NEW SONG about that - waiting for a change to come.

Mastering songs

i've made up some new mixes of my songs which are being added as we speak. i'll master this recording malarky if it's the last thing i do!


hear ye hear ye... demons is now playin in demo.. i seek your feedback to improve this song which i'm workin on!

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Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to SolarHead

Chris, Grand Tunes, Lad! Got the full view by searching by Artist Name. Hope ye wake up and log on soon when ye return from yon bender. Sending you a Friendly. MacFuse

Vicky Williams
over 30 days ago to SolarHead

i like this sound...ethereal, easy to listen to. nice. I'll probably listen to more of your stuff as time permits.

over 30 days ago to SolarHead

alright folks - check out my new song - it's called Bonfire Song

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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