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Kate Herndon-Millman

Kate Publishing distributes the Great Books for the Piano series, original intermediate piano music, and original choral music. Kate Herndon-Millman is the primary composer for Kate Publishing. Kate's musical credits include singing in the VA Senior Honors Choir, the Voices of Youth, and the LHS Madrigals Choir. Kate was named musician laureate at Girls' State, and received the Music Department Award at LHS in 1999. In 2000, she recorded a solo album at Stillness Sound Facilities, which is currently on sale at Amazon.com. In 2000-2001 she toured in Nashville and in the Hampton Roads area. In 2002-2004 she played piano and organ at the Remington United Methodist Church. In 2003, she served as the music director of the Warrenton Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School. In 2009 she performed at venues in Northern Virginia, including the Reston Festival. In 2010, she opened Kate Publishing, an independent music publishing company based in Warrenton, VA. Kate Publishing continues to grow, and in September 2010 will begin to accept scores from other composers. We aspire to publish solos for use by the National Federation of Music Clubs, and musicians and teachers everywhere. Kate specializes in composition for piano, guitar, voice, choir, and small orchestral groups. Kate focuses on educational scores, piano solos, junior choir, secular choral music, and school songs. Kate plays Piano, guitar, flute, voice, organ, harp, cello, recorder, balalaika, mallets.

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