Welcome to thinkfastjak's broadjam site! Still roaming around Los Angeles where they shot their first music video for a song called "Be My Muse." Jessica wrote the song while they were at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. TFJ was shooting a video that day at two strip clubs in West LA. There were a bunch of strippers in the scenes and several cops. Later that night Jessica grabbed the holster, guns and billy clubs and started roaming the hotel dressed like a cop. TFJ tour manager Ezra Glass grabbed her with the help of Mitch Lerner (Los Angeles actor). It was the night of the Grammys and everyone was there.

The next day they worked with still photographer Andrew Reilly who took them to the Garment District. Everything was going great until they ran into a swarm of invisible ninjas. As you can see Jessica, on the left, immediately began using telepathic thought waves to incur a series of high frequency jolts. The aftermath was not pretty. more photos and videos to come!

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TFJ is Currently recording their first album to be released in September 2010. Jessica and Anton are working with musicians from around the country and they recently selected a Producer. Gardner Cole worked with Madonna on her hit single "Open your Heart," and many other grammy winners. The pressure is on as the band awaits the first mixes to arrive any day!
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