My name is Sandra Nobles Disbennett. I was raised in a small Georgia town who’s only claim to fame was having the best cotton fields in the state of Georgia. My father, Bubba, would work from sun up to sun down on the family farm providing for his wife and children.That was many years ago, but the memories are still alive, which prompted me to write Memories: Down On Bubba’s Farm.The sense of caring still prevails in the small Georgia community.

Sandra was introduced to music at an early age. Her father, brother, sister and other relatives have sang and played instruments with groups,churches and bands through the years. Sandra’s love of music is grounded in Christian/Country music. While very young, Sandra would join her family at an old wooden country auditorium to listen to her father sing and play music every Saturday night. Sandra always enjoyed singing in the school and church choir. Sandra's love of music is reflected in her lyric writing for Christian/Country songs.


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