I'm a guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer/engineer from central Kentucky.
I write, play, and produce a variety of styles and genres.
I was a full time working musician for over twenty years and have served as engineer and/or producer on a wide variety of projects.


I'm a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from central Kentucky.
My music is a mix of many different influences; from the country and western I heard as a child to some stuff I heard yesterday.

I was a full time, working musician for over twenty years; doing clubs and concerts all over the eastern U.S., but mainly in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. I have played every kind of venue; from the smallest, seediest club to 10,000 seat concert halls. Loved every minute of it.
I also spent many hours in various studios as both musician and producer on a variety of projects.

I write songs primarily to make you shake your money maker. I'm not deep, and I'm certainly no virtuoso. I just want you to have a good time.

The songs I have here are from my second solo CD, titled "The Twisted Tale Of The Honky Tonk Monkey", and my upcoming CD "Slap, Rub, and Tickle".

My two CDs, "All Night Radio" and "The Twisted Tale Of The Honky Tonk Monkey" are available at CD Baby.com and on iTunes.

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