Original and creative hip hop artist that shook the typical label of the rap genre. By doing so he named and created the genre Lyric Hop. Like none other, yet better than all the rest, your sure to find something you love even if rap is not the typical genre you listen to.

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New project from Soultaker Records/New Midwest Ent coming soon....
X-Men 'The Newbreed Generation' EP featuring RIP, Brail, Lyric, Mike Gully

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RIP 'the lyrical undertaker' began his rap career in 1990 as the second half of the rap group called Wikit Kimistry. Generally those that heard these early creations encouraged the duo to continue writing and creating songs whenever they could.

In 1996 RIP was asked to join an independent record label called Eargasm Entertainment. Shortly after helping make the first release by the label titled 'E the compilation', RIP then became the Vice-president of Eargasm Entertainment. During that same year is when he officially began his solo career, shortly afterwards leaving his position with Eargasm and starting his own label SOULTAKER RECORDS.

To date RIP has finished his NINTH solo project, which consist of 2 EP's and 7 LP's, with number TEN on the way soon. It should also be mentioned that there was one compilation album and one mixtape done as well.


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Hope you all get a chance to come through and check out the song Froto. EP release from our artist coming soon.

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