I'm a modern day 80's hard rock artist for the most part. I own a recording studio in which I write, record and produce my music...as well as torture some of my favorite cover tunes...Vaznis style. I'm hoping to get into TV, film, etc..with my music. Here's a few of them as I will post more upon production. Live Life LOUDLY!!

Singer/Songwriter/musician/Engineer/Producer/Owner at Polar Cave Productions

Rick Vaznis (aka Jericko Rose)

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Rick Vaznis was here! 3/31/20 Stay safe out there!!!

More than just a modern 80's roc

Hey Gang...just a little bit about me...I'm a hard rock artist for the most part, who writes, records and produces my own music as well as covers. I look forward to writing songs, doing covers and producing music for films, TV, sport highlight reels...anything that needs a musical tag. Live life LOUDLY!!

Rick (aka Jericko Rose)

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This is my favorite song on here Rick.. I love it.

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Aw thank you so very much!!! '"️🎶'🏼

Rock on Duder - love iT...cowgirl nation

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Thank you so much!! Rock on!! 🎶🎶🎶

over 30 days ago

Nice idea to add a melody to the Bach Prelude in C, but shouldn't you credit Bach somewhere in the song info?


nice sound and beat

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Thank you so much...it was fun to do!! Got some great things happening so stay tuned...

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