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Rick Windhaus---aka-- ( Rick Neal )
Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Drums
Eugene Oregon

Mark Luther---aka--- ( The Other Guy )
Guitarist, Bass, Backup vocals.
Drain Oregon

Latest News

Just completed long awaited CD with several new songs, will be put up shortly. Starting work on the next CD after the first of the year! Many new surprises lay ahead.


Mark and I have been playing now for several years, at this time we are currently recording at our home based studio (Limelight Recording Studio) in Eugene Ore..
Although we enjoyed playing clubs in the Northwest we prefer writing original material when time allows, which isn't easy to do when you work 50 hours a week and you have family.
Exciting things have happend to us over the last 6 months, we took a trip to Nashville Tenn to record some songs with producer Neal James. Studio musicians were brought in to play with me and Mark, and we were excited to find out that the bassist Neal hired was Garry Tallent from the "E STREET BAND", and although I play the drums we decided to bring in a studio drummer so I could concentrate more on my vocals, the drummer brought in was Craig Krampf who has recorded with just about everyone in the music business.....Stevie Nicks, Santana Hank Williams , Alice Cooper.....just to name a few, he was
rehearsing with Jim and Dan Seals from (Seals and Croft) for a Fan Fair concert on friday , which he invited us to, (how could we resist,). we had alot of fun.............................
-------------------------------------------------------------------- the journey continues

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