BENin10D, A WRITER NOT A RECORDIONG ARTIST, a 2nd generation Sicilian raised in the French Quarter of New Orleans and from over 25+ years in the Concert & Touring Business with Live Nation. BENin10D, also known as "Joe B." has worked with every major artist you can name and unfortunately after a very serious auto accident, he became paralyzed from L5 down with other complications and he could no longer carry on in the position he had loved for so many years.BENin10D quickly decided to just change directions & focus on his writing practice, he had always been a writer, however, it was TOTALLY TABOO to ever pitch material to any artist you are working with and since BENIn10D was a complete pro he never did.
People like Red Mountain Entertainment, LIVE NATION,Hank Jr., Wide Spread Panic, Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith have been incredibly supportive of BENin10D and BENin10D is so very grateful to them and many others for their unconditional love and support ! PEACE !

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BENin10D wishes to express his deepest gratitude for those "Hidden Angels" who have made their presence known in a BIG WAY as of late and given so much LOVE AND SUPPORT ! You will never know how much your LOVE and SUPPORT mean to me !

BENin10D - Great Original Music

A. Joseph "Joe B." Benintende III, a 2nd generation Sicilian here in America, born and raised in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA was introduced to music almost from birth. He was introduced to playing at age 6 from legendary writer and performer "Johnny Rivers". Johnny's Mom, lived next door and BENin10D would sit and watch and listen as Johnny played song after song on his mothers front porch and then his mom purchased BEN his first guitar, an old warped Harmony and he began doing everything that Johnny taught him. He shares the strings on that Harmony must have been 1/4 from the neck so he learned on it and then played a "real" guitar and playing was smooth and easy, he could not believe what he had been missing.
With a nickname of BEN and living in apartment 10D it was easy for people to create his bands name and as GOD would have it, it also happens to be the exact proper pronunciation of his Sicilian last name. Of course like a lot of people he played in bands his entire life.
In college he played football, which only left the off season to play music in a band and he was introduced to promoting concerts by joining the University Entertainment Committee. After college he followed his educational direction for a short while but very soon was asked by his close friend Gregg Allman to come work for him and he left his job and worked with Gregg. One of BEN's most memorable moments of all time musically was sitting in Gregg's living room one night while Gregg sat at his old upright piano and played old Mississippi Delta Blues all night by himself, it was the most soothing and coolest music he has ever heard to this day. After several years of this,he was then approached by an old friend who asked him to come home and work for a rather large concert promoter and he took the gig and 20+ years later of promoting concerts and tours, Live Nation bought the company and people began to leave the company and out of the blue, Ben suffered a Spinal Cord injury in an automobile accident, when rear ended while stopped at a red light, paralyzed from the waist down (L5 down), which meant the end of being on the road and the 18 hour days of doing shows. It was a dark time at first, but knowing Ben he soon found that shining optimistic eternal HOPE he is known for and began to make the best out of his situation.He began to focus his energy on his writing. Most people do not know, but when you work in the promoting industry it is the biggest TABOO of all to ever promote your own music to an artist you are working with, after all as a promoter it is part of your job to protect an artist from that. Ben, on top of writing songs that he hopes and prays a national artist will use to record and make a hit of,also is very patriotic and feels strongly about certain "Causes", so he writes music for those organizations. Those range from America, Healing Heroes, Hunger in America and Abused Children, he loves giving any way he can to those groups and helps ANYWAY he can.
BENin10D writes from the heart and always has an artist in mind when writing a song, he does not have any ideas of being a Country or Rock Star, he merely wants them to record his music and make them hits. He believes with every fiber of his body that it is not if it is going to happen, but just "When" and that will be when he can get off of Disability. But whether or not his songs become big hits or not writing music is his Joy and blessing. BENin10D wishes to Thank everyone who has supported him,including the fans he has picked up along the way, he Thanks God each day for each one of them. There are a few, like Gary Weinberger of Red Mountain Entertainment, Tour Promoter Of The Year who has gone out of his way to look out for BENin10D and has been mega supportive. We hope you enjoy the music and GOD BLESS !

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over 30 days ago to BENin10D

I revised my America song for the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and as a celebration of the downfall of the horrible human who orchestrated the attack on innocent Americans on 9/11. Any down load of any of the America versions will be donated to

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Healing Heroes Network
A song written for Healing Heroes Network!
Musical Harmony for our Heroes...
Dear America,
On a normal day at HHN headquarters, the radio may be playing in the background, but that's usually the extent of our involvement in the music industry. That recently changed when a songwriter/musician by the name of Joseph "Joe B." Benintende aka "BENin10D" a New Orleans native, now living in Birmingham, AL and a Live Nation retiree joined together with us. Little did we know, but Joe B. has a huge heart for our nation's Heroes. He was even featured on CNN a few days after 9/11/01, featured during the Presidents National Day of Prayer, singing a song he wrote entitled "America, This Country That We Live In", which believe it or not still 9 years later can still be heard on radio and TV. Everything "BENin10D" does America wise is never for profit, any download of "Healing Heroes" will be given straight to Healing Heroes Network ! !

After hearing about HHN, Joe B. put pen to paper once again, and wrote a song especially for us called "Healing Heroes".

We at HHN are so thankful for his support, and hope you will give his song "Healing Heroes" a listen. You can find it and other original songs on his web site which is and on our site as soon as the new version of our site is complete. Pardon us if the link may not work, if such is the case, please copy and paste.

The support of people like Joe B. will always be music to our ears!
For the Troops,

The Healing Heroes Network Team

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