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As rap artist and founder of Philosophy Entertainment, C-zar Wisemen's ambition is to make a change through his lyrics with his special brand of artistry. He made his debut in 2004 with the single " I Hold My Own" from his first album Tha New Testament, released in 2005, which also featured his group Tha Philosophers. It was followed shortly after by his sophomore release Real Niggaz in 2012, which featured the single " I'm Down 4 Whatever" featuring Renate' Page. It was initially released in 2007 for the album but re-released again in 2012. Both albums are under his label Philosophy Entertainment.

This Charlottesville, Virginia native got his musical start writing lyrics at 16 years old, where he became a devout student of the craft. It was his way of expressing himself while enduring verbal and physical confrontations with school classmates. Being a faithful listener of rap/hip-hop music, he later began studying the culture and his music collection became his curriculum in developing his craft. His poetic memoirs became raps, which eventually led to his transformation and metamorphosis as an artist.

The artist name stands for "Rular of Wisdom Wit Personalities of 7", with each letter of his last name it is representing a personality trait: W for warrior, I for intelligent, S for smooth, E for educated, M for mean, E for emperor, and N for notorious.

Never one to limit his talents, C-zar also published his first poetry book " Poetic Philosophy" in 2007 and released the sequel " Revolutionary" in 2018. He also worked as an actor , appearing in two short films. Both released in 2007. The same year, he also appeared in a full indie film Ever Seen The Rain? which was never released.

In 2018, C-zar released his EP Revolution, which features the single "50 States". He also released "Heat" from his third studio album White Amerikkka'z Nightmare. Now an addition to his discography is his latest album "Escape From Da Overseer", featuring the current single "Blue Lives", produced by Kid Kris for BeatsbyKidKris. As he plans for the next project, C-zar wants to continue making positive and uplifting music for his people.

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we are looking for music for our radio show

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THANXS!--C-zar--for the nice words about my poem--AMERICA--I did a video too--if you care to check it out--see ya--joe

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