Petracovich is Jessica Peters, based out of San Francisco, CA. Named after her great-grandfather who immigrated to the US from Russia and had a sacred love for the NY Opera, her music is deemed folktronica, a mixture of the intimacy of the singer-songwriter with the environment and ambience of the electronica realm. Media outlets such as Pitchfork, Magnet and Paste have compared to Aimee Mann, Sparklehorse, Portishead and Mazzy Star. The heart of the music is brooding with an edge of poignancy, lush with muffled beats and bells, chimy electronics, a natural voice, and melodies that haunt and satisfy at the same time. She plays keyboards and guitar, and helps produce synth pads and programmed drums, along with collaborator Tad Wagner. Her music has been featured on many AAA and indie stations across the US, and she performed on the renowned Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW in 2009. She has placed songs on feature films such as the Fog as well as on TV and documentaries.


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Clean Clean

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