I've spent most of my adult life playing in bands, writing songs and singing. I started out singing and playing country music for my Uncle. I have been in Rock bands, pop bands and semi-pro club bands.

Behind all of this has been a desire to write and perform my own music. It is a lifelong dream of mine to have my songs arranged and produced to the highest professional levels. This dream is becoming a reality and I am so proud of the results.

To be honest, the music is reward in itself. Whether it sells or not is secondary. It would be great to sell music and/or write to make a living. What makes me different? Nothing. I'm not different; I'm just another tiny cog in an industry of damn good pro and semi-pro musicians and performers. I 'm proud to be part of that community and the Internet world that brings us together. It's great to get opinions and link to people around the world who share that passion.

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Just had TWO songs reach the semi-final of the UK Songwriting Competition


Paul?s singing career spans several decades. Coming from a musical family in the North East of England, Paul began performing as a child, singing and acting in many stage productions. After spells in Rock and Pop bands, Paul teamed up with his family as guitarist and backing singer in a country band led by his Uncle. Their tight vocal harmonies and high energy music was an instant hit and Paul stayed with the band for many successful years, becoming one of the regions top country bands.

After leaving the band Paul switched genres to join a local rock band, where he co-wrote melodies and lyrics with the bands guitarist. They won a large army of local admirers for their original and exciting Indie rock sound, proving Paul's unique versatility as a performer and writer.

Despite taking time out to bring up his children, Paul never neglected his music. He continued to perform live and worked with many musicians co-writing songs and composing his own music, all using his powerful voice, fused with great melodies and catchy lyrics.

Paul Carney Music continues impress wherever he appears and his career goes from strength to strength. His powerful, sumptuous vocals blended with thoughtful lyrical content have prompted much comment from fans and the media on both sides of the Atlantic.

There is much to come from Paul Carney Music. His song: Miss You is released on Matchbox?s Stay in the Box volume 3 in March 2008. He was number one artist on Broadjams Independent Music charts and he was a semi-finalist in the 2007 National Songwriting Competition. Above all, he continues to please his growing melee of supporters with his stunning new music.


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