Was born in Russia in 1982, 3rd of september ( Virgo).
At the age of 15 ( 1998) She started her music career and joined a Jazz band as a main singer in night clubs.
At that time She composed words and music for a song which was recorded on a single, and became top of the Hit Parade
in Lithuania for 2 months and half.
In 2000 ( 17,5 year old) She joined a popular Rassian Chanson band and stayed as a main female singer till summer 2005.
During this period They recorded 2 albums.
One recorded by the band and the other recorded with the Russian national simphonic orchestra of Rimski-Korsakov. Conducted by A. Sladkovski.
This album was successfully distributed throught over Russia.
All these years they were traveling intensivly all over Russia, Germany and Izrael successfully.
In summer 2005 Alexa came to England intending to start a solo singer career.
Her credo is - " Be, who you are, do your best, and help everybody who needs you!!!!"
This is her new website:
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