Dying Days

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Dying Days I wrote this song in about 1992 after I had discovered my wife was having an affair. Although it hurt like hell I couldn't blame her since I had done it first and in a much more painful way. There is a lot of truth in the song and I am pleased

Song Length 4:32 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists David Gray Language English


Dying Days by Paul Carney

V1 Hey there baby won?t you wait, won?t you take a little

Time to contemplate? I can feel it in your eyes you love

Me you do, let me make it up to you I swear I?ll be true

V2 I can understand your pain, but won?t you take some time

To think again, I let you down betrayed the trust you held

Inside for me, and everything I did I did so selfishly, I

Couldn?t see

Ch They?re the words you said to me on that day, as I broke

Down on my knees, I believed you were sincere you said

That, you?d be true to me until your dying day

V3 I don?t know what?s really right I just wanted you to hold

Me tight, I needed love but all I found was insecurity

It?s so hard to find the truth in what you said to me ? I

Want to see

V4 Well you took my love and you took my life, you stole

The sun from my heart, and are you satisfied (twice)

Lyrics Paul carney Music Paul Carney
Producer Kenny Mitchell Performance Paul Carney, Kenny Mitchell & Jan Robinson
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